We are an experimental Biophysics laboratory specializing at the molecular and cellular level.

To understand the mechanical property of molecular motors as well as cell mechanics, we are also developing new experimental techniques and software at the micro to the nanoscale level. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms of the mechanical process from single molecule to cells.

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Light Microscopy Summer Camp

example pictures taken by students

Light Microscope Summer (LMS) is summer internship provided for local high school students at Department of physics and Astronomy, WSU, and is supported by National Scientific Foundation (NSF). The aim of LMS program is to understand light/lens and microscopy through a hands-on projects.


Ali Jizziny

October 1, 2021

Mr. Ali Jizziny joined Sakamoto's labs and will focus on Solution kinetics research.

Brooke Turkaji

November 3, 2020

Ms. Brooke Turkaji, Undergraduate student, awareded Barber research supports.

LMS 2017 picture

July 21, 2017

LMS program successfully done for two sessions. Total 16 local high school students attended. Thank you for all supports.